Question: What do I need to start?

Answer: Just a call or email will get the process going. See our Contact page and we look forward to talking to you about your project.

Question: What if I need help during construction?

Answer: We love to be on site assisting the homeowner, builder, and contractors. We say ‘whatever, whenever’, you let us know what you need. As important as the project vision is in design stage, it is also critical in the construction stage. We want to ensure that what was designed is what is built. Because we have construction experience we can support the contractors. We speak the same language.

Question: I don’t want to source materials, finishes, and fixtures. How involved do I have to be during the process?

Answer: Not to worry. Again we can assist you to whatever level you require, whether that be assisting with your selections, supplying you with options, or choosing everything for you. Once we have your vision of how the project will look we will guide you through all the decisions.

Question: I don’t have a contractor. How and when should I hire one? Can you assist me?

Answer: We certainly can assist you. We have a number of very qualified contractors that we work with and are pleased to recommend. We will introduce you to them in the early stages of the process so you can start to narrow down those that you would like to work with.

Question: I have a contractor. How involved should they be during the development of the design?

Answer: That’s great that you have chosen a contractor. We will want them involved in the design process as they will have feedback from a construction and budget perspective. We will work side by side with them and their sub-contractors on structural, mechanical, and finishing details.

Question: Why would I have the Interior Designer involved in the architectural design?

Answer: As vital as the architectural design is, it is the shell and shape of the project. The materials and finishings are what create the atmosphere of the project. It is good to have the Interior Designer involved in the project from the start so that those materials, finishes, details, specifications, etc. are part of the project from the beginning. It also allows for a single vision to be created that is understood by everyone. We believe that the more eyes on the project the better it will be.

Question: How long will the design take to develop?

Answer: We always work within a client’s timeframe. Though a number of things can affect the timeframe; complexity of the home, municipality governance and permitting, etc. That said it is important to note that enough time should be allocated to the process to ensure a proper design can be developed that meets a client’s dreams and needs. We would be pleased to discuss the timeframe further based on your specific project.

Question: How much will the design cost?

Answer: Generally, the architectural design runs between 1 ½ and 2 ½ percent of the construction budget. This will vary depending on things like the complexity of the home, timeframe, and level of service required. Once we have met and discussed your project in detail we will be able to give you a firm fee schedule.

Question: How closely can I work or do I have to work with you during the design development?

Answer: That is completely up to you. Generally we find that the more involved a client is the better the project. The closer we work with the client the more we can be sure the project is fitting their needs.

Question: I really enjoy sourcing materials, finishes, and fixtures. How involved can I be during the process?

Answer: Great, we love to work side by side with our clients. We will be pleased to assist you to whatever level you require.